Poche Plantation Arts & Crafts Show

St. James is proud to host a top quality event where proceeds will benefit St. James Parish!

Cooking Contest is for FALL SHOW ONLY!!

2nd Annual Red Bean Gumbo Cookoff

Red Bean Gumbo as we say here in south Louisiana, is a delicious St. James Parish specialty!

We are looking far and wide for the Poche Plantation Red Bean Gumbo King (or Queen!).

So get that pot ready and head on over this October for a good cook-off!

If you have questions or want to volunteer, email coordinator Larry Roussel at [email protected]

Poche Plantation Arts & Crafts 2018

Second Annual Red Bean Gumbo Cook Off

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Poche Plantation

6554 LA 44 ~ Convent, LA 70723

Cooks, please note: Blue Runner Foods will donate 3 gallons of their signature cream style red beans to each cooking team. Veron’s Supermarket will donate 5 pounds of Veron’s Supermarket large andouille to each cooking team. The Louisiana Egg Commission will donate 2 & 1/2 dozen eggs to each cooking team.

A representative from each cooking team will be allowed to pick up their Blue Runner red beans, Veron’s Supermarket large andouille and LA Egg Commission eggs at Poche Plantation’s Restaurant from 9 AM till 5 PM anytime during the week of October 16th.  Please call 225 417 8110 or e-mail Uncle Larry Roussel at [email protected] to make arrangements to pick up your supplies.

All cooking teams will be required to furnish the rest of their ingredients.

Rules and Regulations

  • At least a 6-gallon/24 quart pot of Red Bean Gumbo must be cooked over a propane burner on the property of Poche Plantation and ready for collection around 10:30 AM, Sunday morning, October 22nd 2017. 
  • You may light your burner at any time after 5 AM.  The objective is to have your red bean gumbo ready for sampling at 10:30 AM.

  • Each cooking team will be assigned a random letter which will be used for identification purposes for the judging. 
  • Three “pint size” sample containers of red bean gumbo will be collected from each cooking team shortly after 10:30 AM in preparation for judging around 11AM.  Winners will be announced on the main stage at 1PM.
  • Shortly after the gumbo samples have been collected, cooking teams will be required to empty their red bean gumbo into the official Poche Plantation serving pot. Your red bean gumbo will be sold and served to the Arts & Crafts attendees.
  • Rice will be cooked by staff members of Poche Plantation Arts & Crafts Show.
  • For food safety purposes, caps should be worn by all cooks and smoking is not allowed in the vicinity of the cooking area.  
  • Additionally, strict food safety should be exercised by all cooks and helpers. 
  • If you have any questions, please contact Uncle Larry Roussel, red bean gumbo cook off coordinator, at (225) 417 8110 or (225) 869 5998 or email Uncle Larry at [email protected]  or find Uncle Larry on Facebook. 

  • There is no entrance fee associated with the red bean gumbo cook off.


NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED TO BE BROUGHT ONTO THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS. Cooks and their assistants can purchase adult beverages from the beverage booth on the property of Poche Plantation.

Thanks for supporting Poche Plantation’s Charity Arts & Crafts Show.


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