Poche Plantation Arts & Crafts Show

St. James is proud to host a top quality event where proceeds will benefit St. James Parish!

Some of the Projects and Donations made since October 2014...

Our charity paid for the repair work  and enhancements to the  steps on the historic Saint Michael School's education building in Convent


Louisiana Kids, Inc. is an all volunteer non-profit organization that offers youth from ages three to high school senior the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others using their talents in community service. Members are from across the state including St. James Parish, where the group has performed for the Party with the Pumpkins, Bonfire Festival, Oak Alley, Chateau St. James and more.  

Representatives of the Poche Plantation Charity not only presented a check to the St. James chapter of the ARC, they brought a party and celebrated both Mardi Gras and Valentines with goodies for all the clients.  They will be giving more during 2015!


Supporting community also means supporting those who help shape the future of the community, our teachers.  Poche Plantation Arts and Crafts Charity made a donation to do just that!


Sports is a huge part of St. James Parish and supporting the Basketball Program was just one more step in fulfilling our goal of giving back.


Sadly, a family in Gramercy lost their home and all of it's contents to a fire.  By donating to their Go Fund Me account, Poche Plantation Arts and Crafts Charity was able to help the family get back on their feet.


Historic and treasured spaces, such as the St. Michael's cemetary in Convent, often need work that funds are just not available for.  Poche Plantation Arts and Crafts Charity funded improvements to the grounds, specifically filling holes and level the flat ground.  


Cooking Contests are a popular way to raise funds for many organizations and Poche Plantation Arts and Crafts show has sponsored a few cooks, including one for the VFW, with the direction of our cook, Mr. Larry Roussel.  

Pressuring Washing and Painting the building on the St. Michael's Church property is one more project taken care of by the PPACS charity.


When a family with five children lost their dad after an accident, the Poche Plantation Arts and Crafts charity joined the community in giving directly to the family to ensure their needs were met.  


The Poche Plantation Arts and Crafts Charity made a donation to the PBA, the Progressive Benevolent Association, which has helped pay for member's medication, doctor care and burial expenses for over 115 years.  Several members of the PBA donated their time to assist with the Fall Arts and Crafts Show and look forward to helping again in 2015!

The 3-ELL's, which stands for lyrics, laughter and ladies was started by a group of ladies 50 years ago who had a desire to help the community by using their talents to entertain others.  Each year they put on a show, giving all the proceeds to someone in need.  For 2015, the show is "Golden Girls" and the proceeds go to  Baby Clair Brazan, our St. James sweetheart (a newborn who recently received a heart transplant).  PPACS Charity is proud to be a part!

The St. James Parish Sugar Queen and Committee are always a very important part of Poche Plantation, as we host their social, pageant interviews and day events for visiting queens and our charity also gives to support their efforts in representing St. James Parish sugarcane!

Poche Plantation Arts & Crafts Charity also gave to the St. James Community Theater to support their summer musical, the first in several years!

St. James Parish 4-H is yet another community organization that was helped due to the Poche Plantation Arts and Crafts Charity.  Because of our wonderful vendors and visitors, we were able to help send a child to summer camp at Camp Grant Walker!

A major part of the funding for the Talaija Dorsey Memorial  Scholarship was collected during the Antique Auction, put together by Ken Buhler of Estate Auction Services and held during the Poche Plantation Arts and Crafts Fall Show.  This years recipents were:   Tevin Gros (SJHS), Sharan Hamilton (SJHS), Sydney Jack (SJHS), Shawn Brignac, Jr. (LHS) and Kassie St.Pierre (LHS).